April 11 2013

Voice: Speaking Fast? Slow down in the Natural Way

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Voice & Presentation: How to Overcome Monotone (1)

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November 5 2012

Use Your Voice to Engage & Inspire


Project Your Voice with Clarity, Confidence & Ease


November 1 2011

Where Is Your Center of Resonance?

For a speaking voice, there are two major centers of resonance: Head Center & Heart Center.

Most people in this overwhelmed society end up with a voice that mainly resonates from the Head Center. The voice is thin, lack of depth and with a higher pitch. People whose voice resonates from the Heart Center enjoy a fuller, richer and deeper voice.

Listen to the podcast and learn more.


September 14 2011

My Talk on 938Live Radio Station

Listen to me talking with host Eugene on Finding Your True Voice.


July 28 2011

Being & Doing - Why Can’t You Breathe Well?

Breath is the power of your voice. To have a better voice, you must learn how to breathe properly, i.e. to breathe with the support of your diaphragm.

Most of my clients and participants find great difficulty in breathing with the support of the diaphragm. Do you experience the same?

Listen to learn how to breathe properly, which will not only improve your voice but bring balance to your life.

For a full transcript of this episode, download here: http://connectingtosuccess.com/2244/being-doing/


June 20 2011

Speak with Color

Beat that monotone with adding color to your presentation and creating depth in your words.


May 23 2011

Eliminate That Nasality

Do you have a nasal voice? Do you sound nasal and you don't even know? Listen to the podcast to learn more on nasality and how to eliminate unnecessary nasality.


Is Your Voice Selling You Short?

What impact does your voice make on others? Is it positive or negative? How to have a voice that makes a positive impact on your listeners? Listen to the episode and find out more.

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