April 11 2013

Voice: Speaking Fast? Slow down in the Natural Way

Watch the video HERE.

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November 5 2012

Use Your Voice to Engage & Inspire


September 14 2011

My Talk on 938Live Radio Station

Listen to me talking with host Eugene on Finding Your True Voice.


May 23 2011

Eliminate That Nasality

Do you have a nasal voice? Do you sound nasal and you don't even know? Listen to the podcast to learn more on nasality and how to eliminate unnecessary nasality.


January 19 2011

Find Your Voice Resonance

Resonance in a voice is powerful. It separates an average speaker from a great speaker; it separates an average leader from a great leader. Voice resonance seems to be a mystery to many people. What is resonance anyway? How can you have a resonant voice? Listen to the podcast to find out more.

A must-listen episode! Cynthia demonstrated respectively the voice with and without resonance.